Project Name

“Communication and Social Mobilization for promoting Recovery and Resilience among earthquake affected communities”

Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the partnership is to build the capacities of Civil Society Organisations, community-based groups and networks and young people in select districts to disseminate critical information; track community perceptions and needs; develop community actions plans to address critical issues; create mechanisms for feedback generation and action by duty bearers and prepare communities for future disasters.

Specific objectives

  • Community-based groups and young people in intervention areas acquire knowledge on disaster preparedness and issues that affect children and young people following disasters like human trafficking, gender-based violence and unsafe migration.
  • Young people in intervention areas are able to identify potential local hazards in their communities and negotiate with existing community organisations to prepare Ward-level Community Action Plan
  • Capacity of local level mass media built to develop programming on disaster risk reduction, human trafficking, gender-based violence and safe migration.
  • Community mobilisation partners are able to effectively engage with communities to stimulate demand for services and promote positive behaviours
  • Community feedback mechanisms established with regular reporting at village and district level

Implementing areas

Select areas of Thangpaldhap , Thangalkot, Gunsha , Bhotang ,Ichok ,Mahankal and Palchok

Time frame

April 2016 to December 2017


  • Identification of vulnerable groups (trafficking and unsafe migration)
  • Selection of Youth Mobilisers
  • Training to Youth Mobilisers and Community Outreach Workers
  • Training to youth/child clubs and CBOs like WCF, CAG
  • Mapping of community structures and community level information collection
  • Outreach by Youth Mobilisers
  • Development and Implementation of Community Action Plan
  • Media orientation and mobilization
  • IEC materials
  • Community activities – Community Mela, Community Theatre
  • Coordination and advocacy with relevant national and local bodies
  • Creating linkages with referral mechanisms and Community Organisations
  • Establish Community Feedback Mechanism