Project Title: Building resilience and Preventing Trafficking through Family Preservation, Community Engagement and Systems Strengthening
Partnership: UNICEF
Program Period: 1st May 2016 to 30 April 2017
Total Budget: 4,803,200.00
Executive summary of project:
MANK Sindhupalchok supported DCWB just after the emergency to respond to urgent protection needs of children in the district, including identification, documentation, tracing & reunification of separated, unaccompanied & extremely vulnerable children. MANK also contributed in the overall objective of strengthening the child protection systems in Sindhupalchok district by supporting DCWB, WCO & the protection cluster. In the first phase of program, total of 2,673 UASC/VC children were indentified, out of which 200 children were provided with emergency support.
In the second phase of the program MANK will closely work with DCWB to properly follow up the cases of 400 children that were identified as high risk among the already indentified vulnerable children. Detailed case management of the needy children as per CCWB guidelines will be done by MANK in close coordination with DCWB.
In Sindhupalchok district, MANK activated 45 existing VCPCs during the first phase of the program in 2015. MANK will provide continued support & strengthen these VCPCs by closely working with them & also will provide trainings, mobilization & motivation to cater on the issues of protection of children. By the end of this program 20 additional VCPCs will be formed & strengthened to better response on protection concerns of children like child trafficking, Child labor, Child rights, separated children, sexual abuse & so on. Through this program MANK will facilitate to form & mobilize child club network & various awareness raising activities at VDC & district level.
To contribute towards developing a robust child protection system in Sindhupalchok district, MANK will very closely work with DCWB, WCO & concerned stake holders & seek receive technical guidance from UNICEF as needed.
MANK will work closely with the District Child Welfare Board (DCWB), Child Rights Officer (CRO), Women & Children Office (WCO) & UNICEF emergency site while implementing the program, this will ensure that all vulnerable children within the districts are reached.

Name of the working VDCs
1. Chokati
2. Bahrabise
3. Gaati
4. Marming
5. Phulpingkatti
6. Tatopani
7. Listikot
8. Ghumthang
9. Gumba
10. Golche 11. Irkhu
12. Kadambas
13. Ichok
14. Mahankal
15. Banskharka
16. Palchok
17. Duwachaur
18. Thakani
19. Haibung
20. Selang

Major Activities of project:
Support DCWB with case administration from case receipt to closure (case receipt, record, assignment to NGO service provider; initial and periodic review of status of child to make decisions on care and protection option in best interest of the child, including alternative care)
Support DCWB to reunify or place in interim care separated, unaccompanied children through case management, and ongoing follow up visits.
Support DCWB to conduct Mapping of programs and services for children available in the district/VDC and establishment of referral mechanisms
Formation and strengthening of 20 VCPCs
2 days training to VCPCs on basic child protection, case management, services mapping and referral mechanism from VDC level for VCPC, GBV Watch Group members on case management
Different types of awareness raising activities by VCPCs on Child Protection themes in consultation with DCWB/UNICEF on themes