Nepal Earthquake Response Project

Project:-NERP(Nepal Earthquake Response Program)
Partnership with OXFAM GB
Total Budget: 6,16,99,199
Working Areas: Helambu VDC,Kiul VDC,Nawalpur VDC and Kunchok VDC and Melamchi Municipality
( Helambu Rural Municipality,Indrawati Rural Municipality and Melamchi Municipality)
Total Staff:22
The Objectives of the projects:
• To provide access to improved sanitation facility to people of the working VDCs.
• To provide technical and material support to WUC to rehabilitate the water system.
• To improve the personal hygiene and practice of the people.
• To provide adequate shelter solutions for EQ affected households.
• To aware people towards EQ resilient structures and build back better.
• To enhancing the capacity of people for capable of building their home safer.
• To bring improvement in food security and livelihood of earthquake affected people by supporting them in regeneration or creation of livelihood assets and enhancing their knowledge and skills for diversifying livelihood opportunities.
• To uphold gender equality and women’s rights standards in all humanitarian interventions through WASH, EFSVL and Shelter.
• Support to empowered women leadership and enable vulnerable and marginalized people especially women and girls.
MANK with the joint collaboration of OXFAM Nepal after post-Earthquake 25th April, 2015 (7.8 magnitude) provided necessary support regarding WASH. From the dissection of V-WASH-CC meeting we plan to make Public Latrine, School Latrine and Water supply scheme as per need on our 4 working VDCs. Distribution of HH latrine kits to vulnerable was one of the supportive activities to encourage people to build latrine and make community defecation free.

In overall project from April 2016 to march 2017 community we built 4 Public Latrine, under WASH in School 4 School Latrine and 4 Water Supply Scheme. Similarly Pre-Construction Training ENPHO kit Training also provided to the different water User Communities. On other hand hygiene promotion sessions, VWASHCC meeting, CLTS training, teachers training, latrine kit distribution and monitoring, MHM training, school events, community events, monsoon training, stockpiling of ORS and Piyush, and handover of dustbin in municipality and school/public latrine handover in working VDCs were conducted.
VMW Training
The training was conducted for Five days with theoretical session in the first three days followed by practical session in the three days. The training program was facilitated by Mr. Sambhu Khatri, Mr. Lekh Nath Sapkota. Altogether 17 village maintenance workers with 5 woman participation from 4 water supply schemes of Helamdu, Kiul, Nawalpur and Kunchowk were trained about thread cutting and joining of G.I. pipe & HDPE, pipe and different fittings (HDPE T. Reducer. elbow crossing etc) used in water supply scheme along with the orientation on Water Safety Plan, Operation and Maintenance Fund, roles and responsibilities of users committee and Village Maintenance Workers.